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Photography Basics at U.S. Botanical Gardens

19 August 2017, 1000 - 1230
This class is designed for those who have taken any of the Photography Basics classes and want the opportunity to work in the field to reinforce the material covered in the classroom. We’ve encouraged you to leave the Auto settings behind and to shoot in the Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority or Manual modes so now it’s time for some hands-on.

We’ll review the exposure settings and then photograph around our location and practice using various settings to achieve the look you want in the image.

We'll be working with you to reinforce:

Camera Controls
ISO Settings
Controlling motion with Shutter Speeds
Depth of Field and setting the aperture for the 'look' you want
Focus settings and controling the focus area
Playback tools such as the histogram to eveluate your exposures
White Balance
Composition - Framing an interesting photograph
Our location at the US Botanical Gardens Conservatory gives us plenty of photo opportunities to practice exposure settings and creative captures. Join us and come away with stronger skills for setting exposure and capturing exciting images that you’re proud to show off.

Any camera with the Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority or Manual modes is appropriate. Bring your camera and any or all of your lenses. We’ll work with what you have in your bag.

Other items to have on hand; an extra battery and memory card, your camera manual and a circular polarizer if you have one. A tripod is not needed for this class.
Starting Price Per Person
69.00 USD
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U.S. Botanical Gardens
100 Maryland Avenue, SW,
Washington, DC 20001
United States
( Park - Garden - Outdoor Space )
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Event ID: 100826