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Strala 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training

15 July 2017 -- 04 August 2017
Strala is moving with ease during restful and challenging circumstances alike. When you find ease in effort, your body and life become very capable and strong. You become an expert at creating space in your life for peace, creativity, inspiration, and all-around feeling great.

Strala Yoga is a way of being, moving and healing,
that helps people connect with how they feel,
move how it feels good, and handle challenges with ease.
Strala Training empowers you to find easy capability,
whether on your yoga mat, leading a class, or living your life.

With Strala, your yoga will transform into a moving meditation that cultivates a radiantly strong, connected, healthy, and inspired body and mind from the inside out.

This training gives you the tools you need to become the leader you’re meant to be, to yourself, those nearest you, or to millions of people around the world.

Learning to move with ease in your body and life is an extremely rewarding challenge. It gives you inexhaustible energy, and tremendous physical and life ability. Best of all, it gives you a radiant, happy, and inspired you. From here, you get to support other people in finding their own way, and creating their own inspiring lives.
Starting Price Per Person
1900.00 USD
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Strala Yoga
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New York NY 10012
United States
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