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Butterflies at Brookside Gardens

26 August 2017, 0700 - 1000
Price includes $30 ticket for the "before hours" pass.

Join us for a special morning of photographing butterflies at Brookside Gardens. We’ll have special access to the butterflies for two hours before the conservatory opens to the public. You’ll be able to use tripods and not have to work around crowds of people.

We’ll begin outside with a discussion of techniques and settings for butterfly photography, as well as some close-up garden photography. When it’s our time with the butterflies we’ll be prepped and ready to go, maximizing our butterfly experience.
Starting Price Per Person
109.00 USD
Other Information
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Brookside Gardens,
1800 Glenallan Ave,
Wheaton, MD 20902
United States
( Park - Garden - Outdoor Space )
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Event ID: 100834