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Monuments & Memorials Night Bike Tour

26 August 2017, 1830
Our Monuments and Memorials Night Bike Tour is the best way to take in the Nation's Capital at its best. As the sun sets over the National Mall, we'll cruise through major monuments and memorials that make the city so special at night. This tour provides you with the opportunity to bike through the National Mall, visiting the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln, the Franklin Roosevelt, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, the Martin Luther King Memorial and more as the illuminate for the night. Our Monuments and Memorials Night Bike Tour makes it possible to visit them all in just three hours.

Tour Highlights

Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
Also see the Vietnam Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean Memorial, and more!
Starting Price Per Person
44.00 USD
Other Information
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502 23rd Street NW
502 23rd Street NW
Washington 20037
United States
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Event ID: 99401