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Cyber security essentials

15 June 2017, 0900 - 1700
Join this one-day workshop on 15th June or 16th November in London, designed to cover the essentials of cyber security in a single day.

Are you equipped to manage your cyber security risks?

The workshop starts by introducing the cyber threat landscape and focussing on hackers and how they operate.

It then moves on to cover the sort of damage that cyber breaches can cause and emphasises that not all the damage is around a failure to comply with data privacy laws: there are serious dangers to strategic positioning that need to be considered.

Strategic issues are considered and as part of this the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is explored as a strategic issue that will affect the whole of an organisation and not just the IT/security department. The main methods of defence (software, processes and people) are described, the importance of monitoring and measurement is emphasised, and an outline process for responding to a breach is described.

The workshop finishes by reviewing different forms of certification and by running through the details of one simple form of certification the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.
This workshop is for senior professionals:

- IT managers who have been given responsibility for cyber security but who are not specialists
- Data protection officers
- Risk managers
- Business continuity managers
- Senior managers in any role but especially marketing, sales, HR, finance, legal, facilities and logistics
- Company directors and non-execs
- Project managers

Key takeaways:

- Different cyber risks to your information and systems 
- Monetary and strategic damage from cyber risks
- Treating cyber security as an organisation-wide strategic risk
- Importance of proactive defence against cyber breaches
- Importance of planning your response to cyber breaches
- Is certification right for me?

To find out more about this workshop call Lace on 020 8349 6485 or email lace.b@business-reporter.co.uk or register directly.

On Thursday June 15, 2017 at 9:00 am (ends 5:00 pm)

Category: Classes / Courses - Professional Training


General: GBP 599.00

Venue: LIBRARY London, 112 St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4BD


Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/111673-0
Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/111673-1
Starting Price Per Person
599.00 GBP
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112 St Martins Lane
London WC2N 4BD
United Kingdom
Event Organizer Contact
Sydney Ellis
Event ID: 90597