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National Mall Segway Tour and Newseum Bundle

17 August 2017, 1100

Our most popular, Day and Night National Mall Segway Tour is the perfect tour for both those new to the city and those locals looking to experience Washington DC with an effortless glide. For the newbies to DC, this tour will offer you a fantastic orientation and give you an opportunity to see virtually all of the sites you’ve read about. For the veterans and locals, we’re positive you’ll learn new facts and stories about Washington that you’ve never heard.


See for yourself why the Newseum is one of the must-see museums in Washington, DC. With a dynamite location on Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and US Capitol, its an unforgettable museum experience you won't find anywhere else. Immerse yourself in one of the most interactive museums in the world. Discover historic artificats, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs, interactive exhibits, a 4-D theater and multimedia galleries spread out over seven expansive levels.

Tour Highlights

The White House
Lincoln Memorial
Capitol Building
Washington Monument
Pennsylvania Avenue
Smithsonian Castle
National Galleries of Art
Entrance to Newseum
Starting Price Per Person
90.00 USD
Other Information
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502 23rd Street NW
502 23rd Street NW
Washington 20037
United States
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Event ID: 99429