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Monuments, Memorials & Arlington Cemetery Bike Tour

24 August 2017, 0930
The National Mall is home to some of the most inspiring sites our country has to offer. From the memorials dedicated to President's and Civil Rights leaders, to tree-lined reflecting pools and Tidal Basin's, the National Mall is a place not easily forgotten. On our bikes, we'll bring you up close and personal to the treasures of the National Mall.

After a brief stop for lunch (cost not included), we'll cross the Potomac River, over Memorial Bridge and into Arlington Virginia: home to our National Cemetery honoring those who fought for the United States. We'll park our bikes at the entrance and stroll across the hills of Arlington Cemetery visiting Arlington House, the Kennedy Gravesite and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where we'll witness the incredible Changing of the Guard.

Tour Highlights

Arlington Cemetery
Arlington House
L'Enfant's Tomb
The Kennedy Gravesite
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to witness the Changing of the Guard.
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
Also see the Vietnam Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean Memorial, and more!

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Starting Price Per Person
59.00 USD
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