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How to look a million, get the attention you want or your dream job and save

11 February 2017 -- 25 February 2017, 0900 - 2000
The F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Blueprint is a simple, 7 step course that will show you:

How to look instantly slimmer OR instantly curvy.
Exactly what to buy for your body shape and lifestyle.
How to save money as you move through the seasons.
How to be prepared every morning.
How to gain others trust and interest in under 1 second and attract everything you want.
How to create a truly polished look.
How to spark and convesartion AND sparkle, all at once.
What will get you oodles more compliments, from everyone.
What you need to be prepared for every event and occasion.
How to create 50+ outfits from ONLY 20 items.
Where to spend your cash, and where not to.
How to plan ahead and navigate the shops effeciently.
What you can do to slash your budget by an average of 50%.
Support for every step of the journey.

Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?

You spend hundreds in cash on clothes and yet only wear 5% to 10% of it all
You waste your hard earned cash on the wrong, unflattering clothes that just ADD on the lbs
You stand in front of an overflowing wardrobe complaining you have nothing to wear

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone. I, and every other woman I know, have felt just the same at some point or other!

And how about these scenarios…do they sound familiar too?

Do you mainly wear black and/ or beige because it’s ‘safe’, ‘easy’ and you think it saves you money?
Do you have a secret stash of panic buys you wore only once, if at all, adding up to hundreds, or perhaps thousands in cash?
Do you go on nightmare shopping trips that leave you broke, tired and miserable?

I can tell you now it’s NOT your fault.

None of us were taught how to dress for our body shapes and lifestyles. All we have to rely on for guidance are celebrities and fashion magazines full of size 6, ...

Early bird ticket until the 1st of Feb: GBP 147,
Ticket for the 7 week course if you pay after the 1st of Feb: GBP 197
Starting Price Per Person
197.00 GBP
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Online (Webinar)
London SE1 7NJ
United Kingdom
( Multi-Purpose Events Venue )
Event Organizer Contact
Sophie Thorpe
Event ID: 83024