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Urbanity featuring Albare and Phil Turcio

09 June 2017, 2030
Don't miss this rare New York appearance, as the band is coming all the way from Australia to celebrate the release of their Album, Urban Soul.

From beginning to end, listeners will hear the pair's innate instincts, the perfect partnership, the gorgeous groove of two friends making music. "We love jazz beyond the traditional sense," says Albare. "I think that Jazz of the 21st Century is all encompassing. There are no limits."

The collaboration between Guitarist Albare and Phil Turcio started 27 years ago when Albert Dadon  aka Albare  was looking for a new pianist for his band. At the time Phil had just turned 18. Since their first encounter, Phil's and Albare's paths keep on intersecting.

Phil explains that he and Albare hear music in the same way, "Everything I throw at Albare comes back as if I would have played it myself." Albare likes to describe Phil as his musical soul mate.
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315 West 44th St
New York NY 10036
United States
( Bar - Nightclub - Pub )
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Event ID: 94330