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Foundation in NLP

09 July 2017, 0900 - 1500
The course is designed to equip the learner with knowledge of the foundation skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) through experiential learning. NLP possesses some of the most powerful tools for excellent communication skills and personal change.
If you want to …

Communicate more effectively

Understand others better

Create strong relationships

Develop your Influencing skills

Set achievable goals

This course will give you great skills, techniques and strategies and open the door to personal and professional growth.
Better Results
We all run patterns in our lives, some of these patterns bring us what we want, some bring us the opposite. NLP provides a methodology for understanding how we make sense of our experiences, the meaning we give those experiences and the resultant patterns of behaviour we display (our habits). These patterns determine the results we get in all aspects of our lives; personal relationships, professional relationships, work contexts, friendships and so on.
NLP goes further by providing practical tools, techniques and strategies for changing the processes that determine the way we view our experiences and react to them. At its core, NLP helps us model successful patterns of thinking and behaviour.
Through these processes, we are able to develop behavioural patterns that bring us more of what we want in life and less of what we don’t want.
NLP provides many tools to:

Improve communication
Develop successful strategies
Overcome limiting beliefs
Change unwanted patterns or behaviours
Model excellence
Develop true behavioural flexibility

We believe that it is very important to choose the right NLP training company for this potentially life-changing experience. Whatever your reason may be for exploring NLP, we invite you to join us on this 1-day Foundation Skills course and find out more about NLP Dynamics and what NLP can do for you?
This course is led by one of the few certified Master Trai

On Sunday July 9, 2017 at 9:00 am (ends 3:00 pm)

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FREE One Day Foundation in NLP: GBP 0.00

Venue: The Kingsway Hotel, 66 Great Queen St, London, WC2B 5BX


Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/126757-0
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The Kingsway Hotel
66 Great Queen St
London WC2B 5BX
United Kingdom
( Hotel - Resort )
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