9th North-American Data Analytics for Healthcare Summit

9th North-American Data Analytics for Healthcare Summit in Toronto on Tuesday, May 11, 2021
9th North-American Data Analytics for Healthcare Summit in Toronto on Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Tuesday, May 11, 2021 -- Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 1000 - 1700
The 9th Annual Data Analytics for Healthcare Summit is the only event of its kind in Canada. It’s designed to help you overcome challenges in healthcare data analytics to achieve organizational success and improve the patient experience. Connect with hundreds of like-minded peers to discuss the latest innovations in data-driven healthcare.

Take advantage of this interactive virtual environment to join thought leaders, experts and healthcare professionals from across the world. Share best practices and upgrade your data analytics strategy with help from the industry’s best.

Learn and engage with 25+ healthcare Data analytics leaders which are just a click away.
LIVE Interactive Sessions
On-demand workshops and thought leadership
Townhall and branded community spaces
Curated 1-to-1 meeting networking on a digital scale
May 11, 2021
10:00 AM Enter Networking Lounge, Connect with Your Industry Colleagues

11:05 PM Keynote: Data Capture and Accuracy During COVID-19
Deliver on the Promise of the Latest Data Capture Initiatives to Build More Accurate Data Sets Across the Healthcare System

11:30 PM Panel: Tracking, Tracing and Testing
Key Lessons Learned While Responding to COVID-19 and Maintaining Everyday Hospital Operations

12:00 PM Industry Expert: Intelligent Data Systems
How to Leverage Next Generation Intelligent Data Systems to Improve Patient Outcomes

12:30 PM Panel: COVID-19: Partnerships, Data Capture and Advanced Analytics
Best Practices for Scaling Staff, Building Partnerships and Capturing More Actionable Data

1:00 PM Industry Expert
Improve Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

2:00 PM Fireside Chat: AI and ML
Keep an Eye on AI in CIHI: How AI/ML Can Accelerate Your Analytics and Decision-Making Programs

2:30 PM Clinical Transformation
Implement Clinical Transformation to Drive a Data-Centred Culture That Prioritizes Patient Outcomes
Starting Price Per Person
495.00 CAD
Other Information
Virtual EventCanada
401 Richmond Street West Suite 401
Toronto Ontario M8X 1G5
( Office - Business Space )

Event Organizer Contact
Gagan Kahur
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Event ID: 180318

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