ACH Exception Processes Workshop

ACH Exception Processes Workshop in san Jose on Tuesday, June 8, 2021
ACH Exception Processes Workshop in san Jose on Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 0830 - 1430
This 1-Day workshop is “virtual” and WILL include examples and scenarios to practice the rules and help demonstrate how to apply best practices to remain in compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules.

Customer service and operations staff struggle each day with the question from their customer – “What does my account holder want me to do…Stop this payment, return it, or they may be saying they revoked the transaction, or even disputing an unauthorized transaction -- what are the next steps?” What form do I need, what do I need to look for to be sure of what I’m doing when assisting my account holder with these delicate situations.

Several scenarios will be provided throughout the virtual workshop to help identify what questions to ask the account holder, what forms to used (based on responses) and next steps to take when returning the Entry.

This session will help answer those struggles and concerns to help the front-line and operations staff determine when to use what form, and what the timeframe is to be able to Stop a Payment vs. outright returning an Entry as unauthorized, vs. authorization revoked.

These two topics continue to be the number one issues in the exception processing of ACH transactions on a daily basis. In addition, the issue with “Do I use R10 or R11 as the Unauthroized Return Reason Code and why will also be discussed in detail.
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