All About Eggs

All About Eggs in Seattle on 28 September 2017
All About Eggs in Seattle on 28 September 2017
28 September 2017, 1800 - 2100
Once you've had a real, farm fresh egg, it's easy to believe that they are one of the most perfect foods around. Versatile, nutrient dense, and for many of us.......challenging. From appetizers to desserts, I'll share my some of my favorite recipes, some of the “science” and some of the magic of working with these little packages of goodness.

Deviled eggs (how to hard boil an egg)
Fried egg (how do you know if an egg is fresh) on Lentil Mash
Frittata (egg whites, the perfect protein for building muscle)
Lemon Curd
Starting Price Per Person
$ 85.50 USD
Other Information
Diane's Market Kitchen
1101 Post Ave
Seattle WA 98101
United States
( College - School - Training Center )

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