Business Opportunity - Partner with Us - Award Winning Innovations

Business Opportunity - Partner with Us - Award Winning Innovations in Manchester on Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Business Opportunity - Partner with Us - Award Winning Innovations in Manchester on Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 1900 - 2130
Looking for a Fresh Start - A New Adventure?
Join us and take a Fresh Business Concept - Tuesday February 18th 7.00pm -
Wellness with a Unique Difference - Award Winning Innovations -
Learn about this Fresh Business Concept - a special chance to build your own business
We offer free guidance and coaching to help you achieve your financial goals -
Flexible - Part Time - add it to your current Work Life balance - and grow a new income stream over time.
Sustainable Wellness and Eco - Plastic free Packaging - A Fresh Look at Skin Care, Nutrition and Life
Conscious living with respect to ourselves and the environment.
We can implement change as consumers making a sustainable and ethical choice what products we have in our home environment.INVITATION TO TRY AND FEEL FOR YOURSELFExperience the FIRST FRESH Body Care and Super-Food products in Europe- and hear all about our unique company ethos and philosophy.On average women apply 100 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day- a high amount of these find their way into the blood stream.

We do not want synthetic chemicals in our food- so why have them in our skin care?Pure, truly natural and FRESH products for the whole family- sustaining a healthy lifestyle and a toxin free home.
You will find out on the Tuesday February 18th 7.00pm - * "Oil Pulling" as a morning ritual*why body care products should be "FOOD STATE" and vegan*what our USP Freshness means*create a toxin free bathroom at home including sustainable ethical products for the whole family*New Generation Products- which are best for us and the environment*New Generation Business- that is 100% ethical and 100% sustainable*Whole Food Supplements - as nature intended*Meet the winner of the European Business Awards 2017 - out of 33,000 Businesses
Try out products - ask questions and get inspired for healthy toxin free choices which are best for you and our environment. Eco Plastic Containers too!
Tuesday February 18th 7.00pm -

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn Street, Manchester, M1 3DG

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Artist / Speaker: RINGANAUK
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Other Information
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel
1 Auburn Street One Piccadilly Place
Manchester M1 3DG
United Kingdom
( Hotel - Resort )

Event Organizer Contact
Ringana UK Partners - Konstanze and Geoffrey Godfrey
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Event ID: 168094

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