CAR-TCR Digital Week

CAR-TCR Digital Week in kansas on Monday, September 14, 2020
CAR-TCR Digital Week in kansas on Monday, September 14, 2020
Monday, September 14, 2020 -- Thursday, September 17, 2020, 0900 - 1700
We are now approaching three years since the first CAR-T therapy was approved, triggering an eruption of new companies joining the cell immunotherapy revolution to engineer a cancer-free world.

Now with armed constructs, novel targets, and next-generation gene engineering, the field is bursting with new approaches to develop safe, clinically effective and globally accessible therapies.

Amid this excitement, it is well known that the current approved therapies have encountered some difficulties, specifically around their pricing and uptake in hospitals due to expensive manufacturing processes. Lots of work needs to be done in this space to reduce the cost of goods and improve turnaround time to decrease the overall price of these therapies, improving their accessibility for patients globally.

These challenges, in turn, push the need for ground-breaking work in this space, from discovery through to late-stage manufacture, which is what the CAR-TCR Digital Week promises to showcase this September.


Pharma and Biotech Drug Developers: USD 2169.0,
Academics: USD 1469.0,
Standard Pricing: USD 3009.0

Speakers: John Lunger, Adaptimmune, Adrian Rawcliffe, Adaptimmune, Paul Rennert, Aleta Biotherapeutics, Janet Lynch Lambert, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, Blake Aftab, Atara Biotherapeutics, Pippa Gledhill, Beacon Targeted Therapies, Hassan Saleem, bluebird bio, Stanley Frankel, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Samik Basu, Cabaletta Bio, Travis Young, Calibr, Steven Kanner, Caribou Biosciences, Zonghai Li, CARsgen Therapeutics, Sebastien Warth, CellGenix, Peter Marks, FDA, Sarah Snykers, Celyad, Adrienne Farid, Century Therapeutics, Martina Sersch, Gracell Biotechnologies, Roman Yelensky, Gritstone Oncology, Delfi Krishna, GlaxoSmithKline, Ali Mohamed, Immatics, Steffen Walter, Immatics, Therese Choquette, Janssen Inc., Adrian Bot, Kite, a Gilead Company, John Rossi, Kite, a Gilead Company, John Tomtishen, Legend Biotech, Madhusudan Peshwa, Mana Therapeutics, Dolores Schendel, Medigene, Prasad Adusumilli, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Knut Niss, Mustang Bio, Hans Klingemann, NantKwest, Matthew Spear, Poseida Therapeutics, Lee Clough, Novartis, Amit Patel, NHS, Guanglin Yu, Novartis, Stefan Hendriks, Novartis, Steve Shamah, Obsidian Therapeutics, Francesco Marincola, Refuge Biotechnologies, Rocky Billups, Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network HCA, Chris Heery, Precision BioSciences, Christina Coughlin, Rubius Therapeutics, Alison Holzer-Speed, Stanford School of Medicine, Steven Feldman, Stanford School of Medicine, Augustus Kilgore, Terumo BCT, Robert Hofmeister, TCR2, Usman Azam, Tmunity Therapeutics, Gavin MacBeath, TScan Therapeutics, Shon Green, Umoja Biopharma, Joseph McGuirk, University of Kansas Medical Center, Nicole Aqui, University of Pennsylvania, Robert Richards, University of Pennsylvania
Starting Price Per Person
$ 1469.00 USD
Other Information
kansas 00000
United States
( Multi-Purpose Events Venue )

Event Organizer Contact
Georgina FitzGerald
+1 6174554188
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