Certification Workshop on Large Scale Change Management

Certification Workshop on Large Scale Change Management in mumbai on Sunday, March 7, 2021
Certification Workshop on Large Scale Change Management in mumbai on Sunday, March 7, 2021
Sunday, March 7, 2021 -- Sunday, March 28, 2021, 1000 - 1400
An Online Workshop on how to Facilitate Large Scale Change Management

Dates: 7th, 14th, 21 and 28th of March 2021

Timings: 10 am to 2 pm

Location: Online through Zoom

Amidst the pandemic, lockdowns and economic downturn, organizations and industries need to explore how to turn-around and transform rapidly. They’ll need to partner with their employees, customers and suppliers to co-create new value propositions. Hundreds of employees need to unlearn and embrace a new vision, a new strategy and new ways of working.

Is it possible to manage large system change with restrictions of social distancing and work-from-home?

This is an invitation to you to attend our online workshop to learn a unique change-methodology wherein you can involve hundreds and thousands of people simultaneously using the physical or digital medium. This is called Large Scale Interactive Process and is based on the principles of Systems Thinking. The process unleashes positive restlessness in people to improve, helps co-create a vision, new strategies and make action plans for new ways of working. You can apply this methodology for transformational shifts in strategy, operations, culture or any other change issue concerning the organization. While physical LSIP events are known to be highly effective, using the digital medium makes them cost effective as well. In this workshop, participants will get hands-on experience of designing and facilitating both the physical as well as the digital LSIPs.

Who Should Attend?

People who lead or facilitate change will benefit from attending this workshop. This includes Business Managers, HR Practitioners, OD Specialists, Consultants, Coaches and Trainers.

In addition, people interested in rapid organizational unlearning and change management will find the workshop valuable.

Learning Objectives:

Develop systems thinking mind-set to design and manage organizational transformation in two days

Learn how to design and facilitate change using LSIP approach through physical and digital platforms

Gain exposure to different physical and digital large scale change methods

Develop the mind-set to become an effective LSIP designer and a facilitator


1. Overview of Systems thinking & Organizational Transformation

• Where do conventional change processes fall short?

• How can LSIP enable sustainable and profitable growth of organizations?

2. Skill building in Various Large Scale Interactive Process Methods

• Real Time Strategic Change

• Future Search

• Open Space

• Simu Real

• Fast Cycle Full Participation Organizational Re-Design

• The Conference Model

3. How to Design a Physical and a Digital LSIP event

4. How to Plan Logistics for Physical and Digital LSIPs

5. Things that can go wrong in an LSIP event and LSIP based Change Processes & How to Prepare for the Same

6. Keeping the Fire Burning - Sustaining the Large Scale Change Momentum

7. How LSIP Facilitation is Different from Facilitating Small Groups

8. LSIP Facilitator Mind-set - What to Unlearn and Relearn

About the Workshop Facilitator

Kanti Gopal Kovvali is the Founder of Institution Builders HR Solutions.

Institution Builders specializes in Organizational Unlearning. The company uses LSIP based systems- thinking methods in consulting engagements and has worked with Corporates, NGOs and the Government.

Apart from consulting, Kanti is an author and teaches at management institutes. He has written two books - Pit Stops for Peak Performance and Designing Leaders to Disrupt Markets. He is a visiting faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences and S.P. Jain Global Management. The courses that he teaches include Large Systems Interventions, Organization Development and Change Management.

Kanti received his formal training in LSIP in 1995 from Kathleen Dannemiller who invented ‘Real Time Strategic Change’, an LSIP methodology that is extensively used by organizations. Apart from Real Time Strategic Change, Kanti is proficient in multiple LSIP methods such as Future Search, Open Space, Simu-Real, Participative Re-design and Organizational Workshop.

In the past, Kanti applied LSIP methods for facilitating organizational change initiatives such as co-creating shared values, values deployment, culture change, transforming the mind-set of a HR team, aligning culture with a new strategy, improving project management, shared visioning, strategy deployment, TQM awareness building, business process improvement, creating positive restlessness to change, team building, discovering common ground and shared visioning in Indian villages, learning dialogues for district education and training teams and team Building for an inter departmental project team of a municipal corporation.

Kanti is an alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He has 29 years of work experience that spans across consulting, operations and corporate HR. His stints in consulting include Eicher Consultancy Services, Grow Talent Company and Institution Builders HR Solutions.


INR. 8000/- plus GST

Participants will be certified to practice Digital LSIP Facilitation at the end of the workshop.
Starting Price Per Person
₹ 9440.00 INR
Other Information
Mumbai Maharashtra
5 star Hotel
mumbai Maharashtra 230532
( College - School - Training Center )

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