Deep Rest: Restoring Yin, Receiving Light

Deep Rest: Restoring Yin, Receiving Light in New York on 06 August 2018
Deep Rest: Restoring Yin, Receiving Light in New York on 06 August 2018
06 August 2018, 1900 - 2100
Today’s dominant cultural paradigm values doing over being. Remaining busy all the time, many of us experience yin depletion, which shows up as feelings of overwhelming stress, excessive thinking, chronic addiction to technology, and burnout. This workshop will explore the ways in which we habitually contract and offer practices to help us soften, recharge, and meet life with more ease and an undefended heart. We will discuss the physical and psychospiritual impact of constant fight or flight, explore themes of receptivity and relaxation, and experience a guided sound journey into the depths of our self.

Carrie Grossman (Dayashila) is a devotional singer and writer whose offerings explore the wild terrain of the heart. A lifelong student of the world’s wisdom traditions, she has made albums that include Soma-Bandhu: Friend of the Moon, The RamSessions, and Pranam.
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$ 35.00 USD
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Integral Yoga Institute NYC
227 W 13th St
New York NY 10011
United States
( Private Organization Space )

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