Food Engineering Congress 2019

Food Engineering Congress 2019 in Tokyo on Monday, December 2, 2019
Food Engineering Congress 2019 in Tokyo on Monday, December 2, 2019
Monday, December 2, 2019 -- Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 0900 - 1700
About Conference:
Conference Series LLC Ltd cordially invites the participants all around the globe to Food Engineering congress which is scheduled on December 02-03, 2019 at Tokyo, Japan which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions. The previous Food Engineering conferences were held at Kansas City-USA 2013, Vegas-USA 2014, London-UK 2015, Australia 2016, France-2017, Greece- 2018 and had achieved a grand success. Now it is the time for the prestigious Food Engineering Congress 2019 to address latest innovations, industrial & modern technologies in food engineering, food safety management, and challenges in the field of food engineering. Food Engineering Congress 2019 is the premier event that brings together a unique international mixture of experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations to build a better world of Food Scientists & Technologist meet.
Food engineering is a comprehensive food technology field involving the various disciplines of food science, agriculture, microbiology, chemistry, and engineering. Using careful research methods, high-tech equipment and sophisticated processes, food process engineering covers the entire gamut from procuring raw food materials to processing them into food products to preserving, packaging and delivering the food products to the consumer market. The engineering of food, particularly in the form of genetic food engineering, is a huge enterprise needed to feed growing world populations, and this means there will be a steep increase in these jobs in the coming years. This century we are dedicating to food science which will provide food safety security through engineering and innovation with a promise “Food for all”.

Food engineering educates about the many challenges is to employ modern tools, technology, and knowledge, such as computational materials science and nanotechnology, to develop new products and processes. Simultaneously, improving quality, safety, and security remain critical issues in food engineering study. New packaging materials and techniques are being developed to provide more protection to foods, and novel preservation technology is emerging. Additionally, process control and automation regularly appear among the top priorities identified in food engineering
With the presence of highly affiliated personalities, researchers, scientists around the globe focused on food production, this conference is providing the platform for learning and sharing the new developments in this field from technology “Gurus”. This is the place to meet the current and potential speakers and receive the name recognition.
Food Engineering Congress welcoming guests including Presidents, Vice-presidents/Directors, Academic researchers, Scientists, Business delegates, Experts, Departmental managers, Professors and students from Academia.
Why to attend???
Food Engineering Congress event shall lay a platform for the interaction between specialists around the world and aims to accelerate scientific discoveries creating the conference an ideal platform to share expertise, foster collaborations across trade and world, and assess rising technologies across the world.
Researchers across the world are going to showcase their research work at this platform, wherein the students are going to learn innovative techniques from them. Moreover, this platform provides a scope to share each other knowledge and execute it for the betterment soon A novel chance for advertisers and sponsors at this International event.
Target Audience:
• Food Scientists
• Food Product Researchers
• Quality Assurance
• Food Chemist
• Food Microbiologist
• Food Researcher
• Food Biochemists
• Food Biologists
• Food Technologist
• Food Engineer
• Food Biotechnologist
• Nutritionist
• Food Technology Researchers
• Nutrition Associations and Societies ·
• Business Entrepreneurs
• Students
• Young researchers
• Industrialists
Sessions and Tracks:
Food Engineering Congress 2019 offers a best platform with its well organized scientific program to the audience which includes interactive panel discussions, keynote lectures, plenary talks and poster sessions on the topics Food Technology, Chemistry of food, Food security, Food microbiology, Food analysis, Quality assurance, Nutrition, Food Biotechnology, current issues in Food Analysis, Food Technology Companies & Market Analysis, The conference invites delegates from Food Technology companies, Nutritionists, Academicians, Dieticians, Researchers, Food Analysis professionals, students, business delegates and Young researchers across the globe providing a better podium, interconnecting the latest research, technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects.
• Food Engineering
• Food science
• Food Technology
• Food fortification
• Food Rheology
• Food Biotechnology
• Food Biochemistry
• Food Grading
• Food Microbiology
• Food packaging
• Food Supplements
• Food Physical Chemistry
• Food Safety
• Food Preservation
• Food laws and regulations
• Nutrition
• Food Toxicology
• Food Nanotechnology:
Starting Price Per Person
$ 249.00 USD
Other Information
Radisson Hotel Narita
650-35 Nanae
Tokyo Florida 2860221

Event Organizer Contact
Riya Olivia
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Event ID: 153394

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