Going Forward to a Safe and Supportive ‘New Normal’ Workplace Environment

Going Forward to a Safe and Supportive ‘New Normal’ Workplace Environment in New York on Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Going Forward to a Safe and Supportive ‘New Normal’ Workplace Environment in New York on Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Wednesday, September 2, 2020, 1300 - 1430
Bad attitudes, jealousy and destructive behavior in the workplace will sabotage hospital morale, lower self-esteem and reduce teamwork and productivity. When toxic behavior infects a department, managers may be tempted to ignore it or give in; the wrong thing to do, but tolerating it is not a solution! This session will show you how to neutralize gossip in the workplace and put a system in place to ensure it does not re-occur, starting with that of Zero Tolerance and workplace reprimands. The destructive effects of blaming others, griping, pessimism and of always passing the buck needs to be stopped. In this session, you will learn about the HR considerations for returning to work after COVID-19 and how keep emotional control and tame disruptive and destructive behavior.
With all the disruption and stress everyone has been under from the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace culture has changed. So many people have been working remotely, that people skills, effective one on one communication, have been downplayed. What you say and how you say it, has to be reinforced. It is more important than ever to watch how people interact with each other, from what they say, to how they act. People need to know they can talk to others, and be listened to by others. Judgement has to be dispelled and replaced with empathy to what is said and seen. Trust is a must for everyone, and that will only come from an open and caring environment.
• How managers inadvertently reward negative and destructive behavior in the workplace
• The steps you need to act on in order to keep total control of the situation
• The four types of problem employees there can be and how they become a problem
• How to turn around the gossip in the workplace, to create more empowered employees
• How to tell when someone is lying to you and how to confront them on it
• How to evaluate an employee with a bad attitude
• When to focus on the behavior you see and not the attitude behind it
• How to identify all the forms of bullying there are that you need to control
• How to stop the rumor mill before it gets started with a policy of transparency
• The D.I.S.C. Assessment – that teaches how people do what they do • good or bad
• How to control the unwritten rules of the office that becomes the negative culture to discipline
• How to adopt great techniques to use when employees blame others or deny responsibility
Bonus: Complimentary Resources – add in to promo
Several will be offered at the conclusion of the session from
e-books to articles on conflict resolution and engagement.
Complimentary Resources:
• Free PDF version of my E• Book:
Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge
• Self-Test: Rating Your Soft Skill Leadership Attributes
(employee loyalty focus)
• Self-Test: Confidential Leadership Empowerment Survey
(employee retention focus)
• COACH – Coaching Skills Self-Assessment
(how to coach, empower, be coached)
• My L.I.S.T. – how to get to know the driving/ motivation side of an
• A link to all the complimentary resources on the Bruce Lee Web Site
• Complimentary 30 minute coaching call on an issue related to this topic.
Whatever happened to respect? Rude, indifferent, emotionally troubled, over-worked and dis-engaged Employees do more harm to your business and employee productivity than you can afford. A workplace culture of tolerating a bad attitude by one or more employees is not acceptable. A lot of time, the cause of the employee attitude is generated from how they are treated at work, a seeming lack of respect of them. Is it you or is it them that is the problem? When you fully exercise your position power, you will dramatically improve the strained relationship and drive up their personal power. Respect comes from knowing the person and this session is how to find out what matters, drives and engages them. When you have a language of caring, you create respect. This session is how to change the viewing of this person and their behavior to move them to be solution orientated. Respect drives up trust, engagement and creativity. When you move from cautious and superficial small talk to actually deal with the issue by a language of caring and a blameless apology, you go from a response of: “I thought you would never ask” to “Thank you, let’s clear this up.”
Newly promoted managers and supervisors, HR departments, aspiring leaders.
In this webinar, you will learn the two main causes of employee turnover and how to remedy it, and how to adapt the leadership characteristics of successful business leaders and coaches. You will know when to apply the measurement tools that are available to leadership to help drive performance in a win-win manner, to create enthusiastic, engaged employees.

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Learn how to handle destructive behavior in the workplace including gossip, harassment, rumors, etc. Also, learn how D.I.S.C assessment can help evaluate the problem employees and create a positive work environment.
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