Hurricane Sleep: A Sonata of Floating & Drowning | NY

Hurricane Sleep: A Sonata of Floating & Drowning | NY in New York on Thursday, May 2, 2019
Hurricane Sleep: A Sonata of Floating & Drowning | NY in New York on Thursday, May 2, 2019
Thursday, May 2, 2019 -- Sunday, May 12, 2019, 1900 - 2015
Hurricane Sleep is a new female-centered experimental play about trauma and how healing begins with the most intimate self to reverberate through dimensions of time and being.

Set in New York City during Hurricane Sandy, Sal finds herself trapped in a flooding bodega alongside a local girl named Ome. This claustrophobic setting will become Sal's canvas to rapidly flow, like the fast winds that menace the building, in a journey of self-discovery while facing the ghosts from the past and the dreads of the future. Between boxed wine, ayahuasca and maybe a séance, it is disaster that brings us closer together and true intimacy is found when we least expect it.

Challenging the traditional (and usually male established) dramatic structure, Hurricane Sleep is a female-centered piece that explores the complexity of identity when the most intimate parts of the human mind – dreams, longings, and memories –run free and become tangible. The flow of movement and language uses specific Holistic Actor techniques to bring the narrative to a visceral place.

"About both personal and collective healing, I also see Hurricane Sleep as a metaphor for something larger: the rupturing rage and anger of our natural world--the Earth, our mother, the divine feminine rebelling from centuries of exploitation in the form of droughts, hurricanes, rising temperatures, floods," stated playwright Andrea Goldman. "She's been battered, beaten and raped long enough. On a meta-level the play harkens to our relationship with the natural world—the ultimate goddess, the great mother, of whom we are all a part."

Written and co-directed by Andrea Goldman. Julia Watt and Goldman co-direct a cast of five, including George Bass*, Shashwat Gupta, Neysa Lozano, Rachel Schmeling and Heaven Stephens*. Ten performances will be staged at IATI Theater from May 2-12, 2019.

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Artists / Speakers: Andrea Goldman, Julia Watt, Sara Fay George, Neysa Lozano, George Bass, Rachel Schmeling, Shashwat Gupta, Heaven Stephens, Elizabeth Schweitzer, Matt Sherwin, Mike Mroch, Jennifer Healy, Evan Sargent, Mateo Lamuno.


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General: USD 25.00,
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Student: USD 20.00.
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$ 20.00 USD
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IATI Theater
64 East 4th Street
New York 10003
United States
( Theatre - Cinema Hall )

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Winston Estevez
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