Live Demonstration of Extended Tantric Orgasm

Live Demonstration of Extended Tantric Orgasm in New York on Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Live Demonstration of Extended Tantric Orgasm in New York on Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 1930 - 2130
Guy and Lauren will demonstrate Extended Tantric Orgasm, a hand-to-genital stroking method designed to surf arousal in a woman's body and invite her into full body tantric orgasm.

This will be a live, uncensored and sexually explicit demonstration. Stroking will involve the vulva, clitoris, and internal strokes (such as the g-spot). There will also be an anatomy lesson.

The demonstration will be followed by a brief Q and A, and information on how you can learn this practice.

What to Expect

You will observe the practice of Extended Tantric Orgasm.
Guy will be clothed and Lauren will be naked.
You may feel sensations in your own body (we call this transmission.)
You will learn about the female sex organ.
You will learn about arousal and orgasm.
You may feel more vibrant and buzzy in your body afterwards.
You may experience sex flush.
You may feel emotions come up.
Emotions may also come up for the practitioners, which would be great as that would give an opportunity to learn what to do when that happens.
Guy and Lauren share a perspective on sex that will be detailed in their upcoming book, The Sex Agreements - A Foundation for Sensational Sex with Yourself and Others. They have said, "We want raw, primal sex that is intimately physical--AND--totally connected to God, with the divine. We want both--the animal and the spirit." (from Intro to Sexual Ecstasy)

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Please log in on time. Once we begin we will lock the meeting and no one will be allowed to enter.
Please be respectful and mindful that this is a very personal and vulnerable demonstration by the practitioners. They are sharing this because they want to show you what's possible.
No recording or photography of any kind will be allowed. And no recording will be available to download after the event. It is a live event only.

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