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Speaker Programs and Advisory Boards in Nueva York on Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Speaker Programs and Advisory Boards in Nueva York on Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Wednesday, January 26, 2022 -- Thursday, January 27, 2022, 0800 - 1700
The Speaker Programs and Advisory Boards Strategy Summit will seek to provide content addressing marketing, operations and compliance matters for sustaining optimal speaker programs for today's hybrid engagement landscape. This unique event will focus on discussing new and evolving practices for speaker program development and execution. IN addition, this will take into account the shift to the hybrid engagement model and everything this entails from strategy, tactical and technology standpoints.

Delta (and other emerging) variants will impact the ability to benchmark these new strategies/tools. How pharma seeks to navigate returns to mask mandates, restrictions and lockdowns, as well as changing behavior patterns and preferences from HCPS/KOLs will be a key factor in developing competitive advantage.

This Summit will provide a unique space for in depth conversations on a face to face basis, best practices and interaction devoted entirely to Speaker Programs and Advisory Boards

- Participate and Interact in our Mock Advisory Board and in our Speaker Training Simulators lead by industry experts to learn best practices from real life examples on how to optimize the interactions.
- Manage the Conflict Resolution in Advisory Boards with tips and tricks on how to resolve successfully any type of issue with your KOLs.
- Master the selection of KOLs to identify the right prospects for your speaker program or advisory board, learn to add the right KOL for you and your company.
- Analyze guidance and feedback regarding the OIG fraud alert while discussing how it will affect speaker programs and the industry's relationship with KOLs.
- Compliant Virtual Engagements, explore the tools and options and keep the regulations checked while working with KOLs, virtual congresses and advisory boards.
- Understand how to best leverage hybrid vs. in person vs. virtual advisory boards and speaker programs - develop best practices across all methods to maximize engagement.

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$ 695.00 USD
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