Stop, Drop, and Bowl ~ A Sound Bath Experience, Austin, TX

Stop, Drop, and Bowl ~ A Sound Bath Experience, Austin, TX in Austin on Sunday, February 23, 2020
Stop, Drop, and Bowl ~ A Sound Bath Experience, Austin, TX in Austin on Sunday, February 23, 2020
Sunday, February 23, 2020, 1800 - 2000
"Stop, Drop, and Bowl with Dr. DREAM and Stephanie"
An opportunity to drop into an incredibly loving and empowering sound healing energetic with Dr. DREAM and Stephanie. Breathe, Relax, Allow, Receive. This experience will be facilitated in a most welcoming space and will include healing bowls, gongs, essential oils, and chakra chocolates. Bring your yoga mats and pillows as this is one of the rare opportunities to experience this unique, dedicated, sound healing experience!
There will be bowls available for sale also.
This is one of two events over the same weekend!
Get the ticket bundle with both days!!!

The Universal LOVE Galactivation is a multi-sensory journey utilizing energetic modalities to create a tangible spiritual experience. The energy provides you with an opportunity to align your energy to source, promoting healing, self-empowerment and authenticity.
The Flow?:
Dr. DREAM guides you through visualization and storytelling into a deeply empowering state. The Band of Angels joins Dr. DREAM in facilitating this amazing experience.
Dr. DREAM has been gathering groups together for the purpose of raising frequencies and expanding consciousness for many years. In January of 2010, Dr. Dream officially began the Tour of LOVE. Since that time, there have been more than 660 Galactivation Experiences, in over 230 cities around the world!
As one testimonial shares: "Dr. DREAM is an Angel in human form working for our Creator to bring more Love, Light and Healing to people I have been there, experienced it, and am forever grateful for a God-send..."
What is a Galactivation?:
"Galactivation, for us, is the use of energetic frequencies, encompassing a powerful array of tools and modalities, with the expressed Intention of facilitating, for the participant, a deeper connection to Source and a more expanded awareness of the True nature of our shared reality, all leading to a more expansive experience of Universal LOVE."

Advance Ticket: USD 28.32,
Discount for 2 or more: USD 25.67,
Friday and Sunday Bundle (Both Events): USD 44.26

Artists / Speakers: Dr. DREAM
Starting Price Per Person
$ 25.67 USD
Other Information
Indra's Awarehouse
7904 FM 969
Austin Texas 78724
United States
( Multi-Purpose Events Venue )

Event Organizer Contact
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Event ID: 167905

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