Summer Solstice Art Show

Summer Solstice Art Show in Watertown on Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Summer Solstice Art Show in Watertown on Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 1700 - 1930
Meet the artists and learn about the pieces for sale while enjoying a night out at Interiology Design Co's beautiful Experience Studio!

About Joanne Tarlin:

My paintings are reactions to the vicissitudes of living in an imperfect world. Focusing on the dynamic interplay of the sea, tides, wind, birds, and constantly changing atmosphere where I reside in Mid-Coast Maine, I document natural phenomena and man-made things placed in the environment and paint them into constructed metaphorical landscapes and abstract paintings. I study colors, forms, lines, and patterns in tidal flats, runnels and ripple formations, reflections in channels, and how birds feed off exposed clams and crabs. I recreate their textures, hues, and the various atmospheric conditions: fog, the dawn's early light, clouds breaking with pinpointed rays of light glinting off an undulating high tide. I examine aquatic and shoreline plants, in different seasons; I like how sea grass flows underwater or how it settles on and between rocks and glistens a vibrant yellow, and sea lavender's delicate flowers in summer and branching barren structure in winter. I make notations about the colors of boats, buoys, and flotations. These studies and weather observations contribute to my vocabulary of lines and gestures which I use to compose rhythms and moods: the excitement of the storms, and serenity of sunsets, or dreary fog.

About David Bubier:

David Bubier invites you to experience beauty and peek inside the mind of his landscapes. Through his portrayal of the detailed introspection, his work allows the viewer the ability to capture the intensity of the light and focus on the unique scene. David instills a unique sense of personality into his work. A lifelong artist who designed museum exhibits professionally, David has had gallery showings in Ogunquit, Maine, the South End and throughout the Greater Boston area.

About Interiology Design Co:

We help our clients transform their homes into luxurious, exquisitely executed, inspiring spaces that express their distinctive style and envelop the way they live.

Through our unparalleled client experience, innovative design solutions and impeccable service, our clients trust us and we mutually value our relationship. The results are custom-tailored interiors our clients are excited to come home to and share with those they love.

The Experience Studio is a meticulously curated collection of the finest furnishings, fixtures, and finishes, installed and operational in our residential spaces.

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