Sunday services

Sunday services in Alexandria on 23 July 2017
23 July 2017, 0930
Join us on Sunday for a day full of gaining merit. There are many ways to gain merit that can be summed up into three basic practices; generosity, keeping the 5 precepts, and meditation. Every Sunday we have the opportunity to participate in all 3 practices.We must try to achieve these practices so that we can continue to cultivate good deeds and merit into our lives. You are welcome to come anytime that is most convenient.
9:30 am Morning Chanting
10:00 am Meditation
10:30 am Observe 5 precepts, Food Offering ceremony, Blessing from Monks
10:45 am Alms Offering
11:00 am Lunch

1:00 pm Meditation

1:30 pm Ceremony

First week of the month: ฺSanghatana Offering
Second week of the month: Dedicating Merit to Relative
Third week of the month: Medicine Offering
Forth week of the month: Fish Release

2:00 pm Dhamma Talk

3:00 pm End of Ceremony
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0.00 USD
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Meditation Center of D.C.
3325 Franconia Rd
Alexandria VA 22310
United States
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