Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Business, Dubai - Certified

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Business, Dubai - Certified in Dubai on Sunday, March 8, 2020
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Business, Dubai - Certified in Dubai on Sunday, March 8, 2020
Sunday, March 8, 2020, 0900 - 1700
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Business is a specialized and interactive 1day training course offering a comprehensive knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their integration in business strategy. Participants will gain knowledge and acquire tools on how to select appropriate and relevant SDGs and targets, how to match them to identified corporate priorities, integrate them into organizational strategy and finally how to report and communicate progress against the SDGs. During the training course, professionals will benefit from our hands-on approach focusing on applying the SDGs across all business functions and operations and embedding them in existing business and reporting processes.

• Gain understanding of the SDGs and their targets
• Learn how to conduct principled prioritization of the SDG targets
• Redefine corporate strategy based on assessing organizational impact on the SDGs
• Use SDGs as a tool to set business objectives across their value chains
• How to benefit from the opportunities and challenges presented by the SDGs
• Learn how to report and communicate effectively progress made against the SDGs to internal and external stakeholders

Top Benefits
At the end of the 1day Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Business, participants will have acquired the skills and knowledge to:
• Map SGDs against business priorities
• Measure SDG progress and communicate to stakeholders
• Communicate commitment to the SDGs via company website
• Use SDGs in conjunction to GRI Standards for Sustainability Reporting
• Use SDGs assessment to inform corporate strategy

Who should attend
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Business is ideally suited to professionals seeking well rounded, practical knowledge in all SDGs related topics. An ideal candidate may play a role in:
• CSR/Sustainability
• Risk Management
• Human Resources
• Marketing/Communications/PR
• Supply Chain/Logistics
• Health and Safety
• Environment
• Operational Excellence
• Quality
• Corporate Philanthropy/Foundations

Course leader
Aglaia Ntili is a seasoned sustainability professional, with over 17 years of international advisory and training experience across a wide range of corporate sustainability and responsibility fields.
She is recognised with the Global CSR & Sustainability Leadership Award for her contributions as a practitioner, trainer, coach, and advisor.
Aglaia serves as the Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group, providing Sustainability and CSR advisory and training services at international corporate level. Aglaia is the founder of CSR Coaching, supporting professionals in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, and the founder of the CSR & Sustainability meetup, the 1st and only open platform to support active learning and knowledge sharing on CSR and Sustainability in the UAE. She is also the Chair of the UAE chapter of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), currently the only professional body for Sustainability professionals in the region.

Training Methodology
We firmly believe that a friendly, supportive, and engaging learning environment is key to building long-lasting knowledge and maximizing retention. To support this belief, we built this course around a dynamic mixture of lectures, practical exercises, best practice case studies and group discussions. Our method builds not only knowledge, but a confidence in discussing and applying CSR/Sustainability topics and the platform for exchanging ideas and building valuable connections. Each course closes with a post-course assignment to evaluate the level of knowledge gained through.

Entry Requirements
An understanding of CSR and Sustainability is required
Professional experience is required
Key Topics include
1. The SDGs & their targets
2. Prioritizing the SDGs
3. Incorporating SDGs in Business Strategy
4. SDGs and Sustainability Reporting
Starting Price Per Person
$ 850.00 USD
Other Information
TBA Dubai
Dubai UAE
Dubai Please select 000000
United Arab Emirates
( Hotel - Resort )

Event Organizer Contact
Aglaia Ntili
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