The Future Is Now: An Art Experience and Workshop on Web3, Blockchains, And NFT's in HARLEM

The Future Is Now: An Art Experience and Workshop on Web3, Blockchains, And NFT's in HARLEM in New York on Thursday, September 29, 2022
The Future Is Now: An Art Experience and Workshop on Web3, Blockchains, And NFT's in HARLEM in New York on Thursday, September 29, 2022
Thursday, September 29, 2022, 1800 - 2100
- for an Art Experience and workshop to learn the basics of Blockchain/NFTs with ONe Rad Latina!

**No experience needed, all you need is a smartphone and preparation advised below**

New York City-born and raised artist from Washington Heights, ONe Rad Latina, will share her artwork from her various collections including her NFT art - Rad Women and the Indigenous Futures series. ONe will break down technical jargon, concepts, and walk you through the process step-by-step. She will also walk you through:
What the hell is Blockchain and how is it changing the world?
What is an NFT and what are the different use cases?
Why are NFTs relevant to artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and communities of color?
How to set up an NFT wallet and walkthrough different NFT platforms?
How to create, send, and receive NFTs, and how to build a community to market your work?
Discuss security and risks with NFTs

Attendee Swag and Giveaways:
Each participant will be receiving one free NFT known as a FLOAT for attending as well as being entered in a giveaway of an original NFT minted on Tezos and airdropped into the winner's wallet.

Attendees will also receive a small amount of FLOW and a link to the Tezos Foundation where they can receive Tezos in order to begin minting.

**Account Set Up by attendees is not necessary but please note:**

Coinbase requires KYC (Know Your Customer), attendees are advised to have a picture of their state ID ready, as well as bank account or PayPal information ready to set up their Coinbase account. This process can be a bit time-consuming and I recommend attendees upload this information to the app before attending.

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Artist Profile
ONe Rad Latina is an auto-didactic, multi-disciplinary visual artist. Born in New York City and raised in the Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood and in the Dominican Republic to both Dominican and Puerto Rican parents.

ONe works with different mediums and prides herself on her prolific line of artistic works and not being tied down to one specific visual artist's craft.

Her works range from unsanctioned public art made from found and repurposed materials in order to bring beauty back into the community, couture hand painted and dressed mannequins on display at The Dylan hotel in midtown Manhattan to working with the New York Public Library for their NYPL Murals project, a residency at the Van Gogh Immersive experience in New York city and painting plywood murals in NYC's trendy SOHO district.


Artists: ONe Rad Latina

Category: Community | Local / Community
Starting Price Per Person
$ 20.00 USD
Other Information
Joes Barber Shop
2459 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York New York 10027
United States
( Multi-Purpose Events Venue )

Event Organizer Contact
Richard E. Pelzer II

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