Turning New Supervisors into Powerful Leaders: Inexperienced Managers the Skills to Lead Their Teams

Turning New Supervisors into Powerful Leaders: Inexperienced Managers the Skills to Lead Their Teams in Aurora on 26 September 2018
26 September 2018, 1300 - 1430
This session maps out the strategies that you can start using immediately to turn even the newest, most inexperienced supervisors into effective leaders. New Supervisors – we can engage and energize or set up to flounder and fail. For starters, you'll learn how to help supervisors strengthen the five crucial leadership qualities that will enable them to reduce conflicts, stress and morale. You'll also discover practical ways to help supervisors demonstrate management skills and knowledge that will win their team's trust and respect. You will be able to promote employees into new roles with the confidence that they will take charge and drive up the results you need with their direct report and their key numbers. The right attitude and an effective motivation skill set will shorten the learning curve that generates the know-how to drive creativity, accountability and productivity.
By attending this webinar you can learn what issues and challenges new leaders need to overcome before they become a leader. And, you’ll also learn what training, they need to deal with people, mediate conflicts and manage workloads.
• Help new supervisors understand what motivates employees these days
• Get new managers to buy in to an attitude of continuous improvement –
• How to work more effectively with Generation-Y managers and employees
• Learn to focus new managers on the most important career-building talents and attributes
• Empower new supervisors to increase engagement, accountability, productivity and
• profitability
• Teach new supervisors how to develop trust with their direct reports
The webinar focuses on the issues faced by new supervisors and how to guide them to become powerful leaders with vision and problem solving capabilities. The session will help you highlight the qualities of a leader and the ways to train and guide even the inexperienced employees to take up the role of leaders.
• Managers
• Directors
• HR management
• Executive Management
• Management Professionals
• communications specialists
• leadership

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Learn how to guide Turning New Supervisors into Powerful Leaders and help them emerge as a powerful leader for your organization
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