Crimes, Camera, Action in Southend-on-Sea on 27 Apr

Crimes, Camera, Action

Southend-on-Sea   Monday, April 27, 2020   2000 - 2200
20.00 GBP
Theater - Opera - Ballet - Shows
The multi-award-winning New Old Friends are at it again with another instalment in their hugely popular 'Crimes…' series of comedy thrillers. Crimes, Camera, Action whisks the audience to golden-era Hollywood and introduces a new lead detective, a world-weary, hard-boiled pr ..
Bec Hill in Southend-on-Sea on 27 May

Bec Hill

Southend-on-Sea   Wednesday, May 27, 2020   2000 - 2200
15.00 GBP
Comedy Shows - Events
A rare chance to catch this cult comedy favourite and online viral sensation LIVE! Bec Hill is excited to present her funniest, silliest, 5-stariest show, "Out of Order". She'll provide the jokes, YOU provide the order. Get ready for stand-up, pop-ups and post-its from the a ..
The Sound of Springsteen in Southend-on-Sea on 29 May

The Sound of Springsteen

Southend-on-Sea   Friday, May 29, 2020   2000 - 2200
20.50 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
With a passion for the work of 'THE BOSS' this 8 piece tribute bring their years of live performances and recording to rock you with Bruce Springsteen's greatest hits and deep cuts. With songs like 'Born In The USA' 'Glory Days' 'Streets Of San Francisco' and many more. Thi ..
Rachel Parris in Southend-on-Sea on 4 Jun

Rachel Parris

Southend-on-Sea   Thursday, June 4, 2020   2000 - 2200
19.00 GBP
Comedy Shows - Events
Join viral sensation and star of BBC's The Mash Report as she performs stand-up and songs about sudden love, the highs and lows of relationships, family, weddings, kids, going viral, going mental, and the baffling state-of-play in society right now. Price: Full pricing d ..
An Evening with Nick Butter in Southend-on-Sea on 27 May

An Evening with Nick Butter

Southend-on-Sea   Wednesday, May 27, 2020   2000 - 2200
26.50 GBP
Sports Events
Nick is best known for his global expedition - 'Running The World 196'. In November 2019, Nick was crowned the first person to run a marathon in every country in the world. Along with this, he sets a number of world records and has a wild, eclectic story to tell. Tales of m ..
Robert White - The Tank Top Tour 2 in Southend-on-Sea on 2 Jun

Robert White - The Tank Top Tour 2

Southend-on-Sea   Tuesday, June 2, 2020   2000 - 2200
23.50 GBP
Comedy Shows - Events
Unique and hilarious musical comedian, Robert White, brings you more, but this time with a little of his personal journey, life ups and downs and some quirky tales into the bargain. Tank Top Tour: Take Two - 'Troubles and Treats' Robert White, that gay autistic keyboard-wi ..
Temptation in The Temple in Southend-on-Sea on 6 Jun

Temptation in The Temple

Southend-on-Sea   Saturday, June 6, 2020   2000 - 2200
21.00 GBP
Comedy Shows - Events
At the Temple of Vesta, 'celibacy' is a way of life. However, for reluctant virgin, Frigella the Fulfiller, this means her only chance at 'Shagamus' is to escape to the Temple of Venus next door. A fool-proof plan is needed and this must be expertly implemented to avoid a na ..
Ansell's Les Musicals in Southend-on-Sea on 3 Jun

Ansell's Les Musicals

Southend-on-Sea   Wednesday, June 3, 2020   1930 - 2200
22.00 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Jonathan Ansell (G4 Frontman) and Jai McDowall (Britains Got Talent - Winner) have joined forces to create a dramatic and spine-tingling concert. This vocally dynamic evening showcases even more smash-hit songs from the greatest musicals of all time, brought to you by two of ..
The Bruno Mars Songbook – 24k Magic in Southend-on-Sea on 28 May

The Bruno Mars Songbook – 24k Magic

Southend-on-Sea   Thursday, May 28, 2020   2000 - 2200
27.50 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Direct from the USA as seen on American Idol and BBC One's Even Better Than The Real Thing. In Celebration of One of The World's best-selling artists with over 100 Million sales and 2 Grammy Awards, Jeff Dingle with his totally captivating stage presence and incredible v ..
Twirlywoos in Southend-on-Sea on 24 May


Southend-on-Sea   Sunday, May 24, 2020   1500 - 1500
14.00 GBP
Theater - Opera - Ballet - Shows
From the producers of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show and Sarah and Duck Live on Stage comes another enchanting show for young audiences. The Twirlywoos are setting sail around the UK to welcome young fans along for a theatrical adventure. Expect mischief, music and plent ..
Paul McCaffrey in Southend-on-Sea on 18 Apr

Paul McCaffrey

Southend-on-Sea   Saturday, April 18, 2020   2000 - 2200
14.50 GBP
Comedy Shows - Events
In this hilarious new stand up show, McCaffrey struggles to get to grips with technology, being spied on by the Chinese, idiotic self-help books and setting fire to his oven gloves. The man is an absolute Lemon, funny though. Most recently Paul has performed to over half a ..
Red Hot Chilli Pipers in Southend-on-Sea on 17 May

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Southend-on-Sea   Sunday, May 17, 2020   2000 - 2200
31.50 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Their has never been anything quite like The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, from their formation in 2002 and a cameo appearance at T in the Park in 2004 with the Darkness to opening the main stage in their own right in 2014. The past fifteen years has seen the Red Hot Chilli Pipers ..
Ian Anderson on Jethro Tull in Southend-on-Sea on 18 May

Ian Anderson on Jethro Tull

Southend-on-Sea   Monday, May 18, 2020   1930 - 2200
34.00 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull band are one of the world’s most successful and enduring Progressive Rock bands. The Jethro Tull brand has endured to this day and as writer, producer, flautist, vocalist and occasional guitarist, Anderson performs with the band typically 80 – 1 ..
The Fureys in Southend-on-Sea on 3 May

The Fureys

Southend-on-Sea   Sunday, May 3, 2020   1930 - 2200
23.50 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Legends of Irish music and song The Fureys, renowned for their hit songs 'I will love you', 'When you were sweet 16', 'The Green fields of France', 'The old man', 'Red rose cafe', 'From Clare to here', 'Her father didn't like me anyway', 'Leaving Nancy', 'Steal away' and man ..
Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders in Southend-on-Sea on 13 Apr

Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders

Southend-on-Sea   Monday, April 13, 2020   2000 - 2230
29.00 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Andy Fairweather Low came to prominence as the lead singer in Amen Corner. The 60s saw them clock up hit after pop hit. Songs such as 'Bend Me Shape Me', 'Hello Suzy', '(If Paradise is) Half As Nice' are internationally remembered to this day. However, if you were paying clo ..
Ward Thomas in Southend-on-Sea on 10 May

Ward Thomas

Southend-on-Sea   Sunday, May 10, 2020   1930 - 2200
26.50 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Following the release of their acclaimed UK top 10 album, ‘Restless Minds’, and being awarded the prestigious ‘Global Artist Award’ at the CMA Awards earlier this year, country-pop duo Ward Thomas have announced an intimate acoustic tour for spring 2020. The tour sees the t ..
Lloyd Cole and special guests in Southend-on-Sea on 11 Apr

Lloyd Cole and special guests

Southend-on-Sea   Saturday, April 11, 2020   1930 - 2200
29.00 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Lloyd Cole brings his From Rattlesnakes to Guesswork tour to the Palace Theatre in conjunction with the release of his latest album Guesswork. Price: Full pricing details on our website - Tickets from: GBP 29.00 ..
Toyah and Hazel O'Connor in Southend-on-Sea on 19 Apr

Toyah and Hazel O'Connor

Southend-on-Sea   Sunday, April 19, 2020   1930 - 2200
30.00 GBP
Music Events - Concerts - Bands - Gigs
Post Punk and New Wave artists Toyah and Hazel O'Connor join forces to bring you their exciting new tour, "Electric Ladies of the 80s". Toyah is one of the most recognisable faces in UK pop culture, clocking up an impressive 10 hit singles and 8 hit albums including the gol ..
Garett Millerick in Southend-on-Sea on 11 Apr

Garett Millerick

Southend-on-Sea   Saturday, April 11, 2020   1930 - 2200
Comedy Shows - Events
Last year I wrote this bit for my flyer and promised that I'd deliver an hour of pure comedy, no gimmicks, no sad stories. That all went out the window a few weeks before the festival when my wife nearly died, and I had to rewrite the show. It made a complete mockery of ever ..
Sarah and Duck in Southend-on-Sea on 16 Apr

Sarah and Duck

Southend-on-Sea   Thursday, April 16, 2020   1330 - 1630
14.00 GBP
Family and Children Events
The enchanting world of Sarah and Duck is brought to life in a brand-new stage show, featuring the wonderful characters from the BAFTA award-winning CBeebies show. Join Sarah and Duck and a host of your favourite friends including The Ribbon Sisters, The Shallots, Flamingo a ..