Internships in London

We are currently offering multiple remote internships (not jobs, internships only), where you can work from your local area, city, home. Please read the entire content and conditions below before applying.

  • You MUST currently be a student, and want to do an internship as part of your curriculum.
  • Be able to do internship for a minimum of 2 months; longer periods are available.
  • Be able to communicate (written and oral) in English. And have native-level proficiency in at least one of these languages – French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish.
  • Be a good listener, be open to new ideas, accept criticism, have own opinions, be persistent.
  • You must have strong interest in one or more of the following: Marketing, Writing, Events, Lifestyle/Hospitalty.
  • You should be a Driven, Enthusiastic person, who is open to new ideas and opinions. If you have strong opinions, even better.
Depending on your capabilities/interests, you could work on some/several of the following projects/tasks/functions. You will have a good deal of say in which of the following you would like to work on.
  • Researching Competitors, Analyzing their services, website, etc.
  • Researching Event Organizers in Various cities, with emphasis on Europe.
  • Posting events on our site, from the above event organizers.
  • Researching Venues, Restaurants, Bars, Confrence Centers and various Hospitality places
  • Researching methods to bring new users to our site.
  • Researching industry writers, blogs; getting content published.
  • Writing your own articles, editing other articles about - Global Warming, Education Systems, Society Evolution, Globalization, Pollution, Job Prospects, Equality vs Opportunity, Social and Business Networking? Good!
  • Identifying ways to improve the look/feel of our site.
  • Using Google Ads to promote specific services to targeted audience. You must be willing to learn basics from tutorials.
  • Coming up with ideas on adding new services, improving usefulness of our site.
  • Responding to customer emails/chat; support functions.
  • Admin/miscellaneous tasks; improving content.
  • Researching Web User Interfaces, looking for improvements.
  • Have passion in UX/UI, HTML, Javascript, CSS? You can work on researching/implementing Javascript libraries

IMPORTANT: Applications without resume will not be considered. Copy/paste your CV/resume in the Description box on the next page.
DO NOT apply - if you are currently not a student, and if you do not meet the language criteria above.

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