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Jorlio.com Terms and Conditions

  • Users, You, Your - refer to any individual who visits, browses any page or content on Jorlio.com.
  • We, Us, Our, Jorlio – refer to Jorlio.com.
  • By browsing this web site or by signing-up You accept and fully agree with our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.
  • You must only create one login on Jorlio. You must be over 18 years of age to use/browse Jorlio.
  • The information which you provide must be complete and accurate.
  • Access to Jorlio is only permitted through a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Use of automated software, programs and other devices to access, download content is not permitted.
  • You agree not to post/upload/share any content which - is abusive, vulgar, sexist, racist; may be offensive to others; is adult rated; violates local/national laws; is incorrect/inaccurate.
  • You accept that if you choose to create a public profile, it will be accessible by and visible to anyone browsing Jorlio. This content may also be crawled and indexed by various search engines.
  • Using Jorlio, creating your profile or registering for an event through Jorlio does not guarantee that you will be admitted to any events or will be provided with any service or level of service. In addition to terms and conditions listed in this document, terms and conditions of event organizers may also apply.
  • You must only use Jorlio for searching events and promoting events.
  • You agree not to use Jorlio for any other purposes or for offering any other services.
Accuracy and completeness of content:
  • All content on Jorlio is provide ‘as is’. We do not monitor or moderate the content.
  • The content may be incomplete, incorrect or incorrect.
Web site availability, accessibility and uptime:
  • We do not guarantee the uptime of Jorlio and the systems it operates on.
  • The system may be unavailable or unusable from time to time; due to failures, upgrades, faults or other reasons.
  • We cannot and do not provide any assurances relating to its accessibility, usability or appearance; across any systems or devices.
Posting Events:
  • When posting events on Jorlio you must post complete event details, including full event address, costs and what is included in the costs, refund policy and event organizer contact information.
  • An event posting must specify specific date(s) on which the event is being held.
  • Your event posting content may be edited to conform to our standards and format. Restrictions on length, size of text and other data may be imposed. Your event may also be deleted at our discretion and without providing any notification to you.
  • We do not allow events related to any adult services.
  • Events cancelled, cannot be re-activated. You must post a new event.
  • We are not responsible for any consequences which you may face or losses which you may incur by using any of our services - due to system unavailability, data corruption or loss of data or for any other reasons.
  • We do not guarantee results or the level of success you may achieve i.e. we cannot tell you how many people will view your events, will decide to attend your events or will pay for them.
  • You must contact event organizer(s) directly for any refunds, to make complaints or to resolve any issues.
Ownership of content:
  • All content posted on this web site becomes the property of Jorlio. If you are the original author/creator of the content, you may request the removal of that content.
  • For information on individual personal data, please see our privacy policy.

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