I am new to the site, where do I start?
If you are an Event Organizer looking to promote events -
- Sign-up to create your login, then create your Event Organizer / Business Profile.
- Click on Promote Events to promote one or more events.

If you looking for events to attend, simply search for events.  Sign-up if you would like to receive selected events via email, to register for events or to view event details.
Is the web site free?
Event Attendees: Signing up, Searching/finding events is free. To attend an event you may need to purchase tickets if the event is not free. Event Organizers: Listing your event on our site is free. If you would like us to promote your event to a highly targeted audience, there is a one-time fee depending on the level of promotion you select. Please see the pricing page for more information. Please note, unlike most other event sites who simply claim to promote your event by posting on social media (which you probably do by yourself anyway) and on other sites, we actually inform real people of your upcoming events, people who have asked to be informed about such events and in their city/area of interest.
What are Events?
If you must ask! An Art Exhibition is an Event A Nano Technology Conference is an Event A Job or Career Fair is an Event A Club Night is an Event A Retail Store Sale is an Event A Conference A Trip or Tour Charity, Fundraiser So is a… Real Estate - Open House Gig or Concert A Birthday Party A Festival A Hike, Walk, Rock Climbing A Training Session, Book Launch Political Event, Religious Event, Neighborhood Picnic, A Talk, Lecture, They are ALL Events. And Yes, we promote them all.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us from the Contact page. Please note phone service is only available to customers who have paid for their services.
I have some issues with your site, can I get some help?
Please contact us and tell us what issues you are experiencing.
What is Jorlio? Are there not many other sites which do the same? How is jorlio different?
Jorlio is an events platform. Our services are simple, free of clutter, free of hollow words and promises. Our event attendees trust us. We list more than 80 types of events; far more than most other web sites i.e. More choice for you. For event organizers; we actually promote your events to a highly targeted audience; rather than sending your event to ‘friends of friends’ hoping some will show-up. Unlike many other events sites, we are ‘attendee centric’ meaning, we offer you certain levels of protection, instead of just saying ‘We are just ticketing agents, you must contact event organizer directly and resolve problems with them’.

Event Organizers

How can I make my event a success?
Here are some suggestions. Start with an interesting theme for your event. Do not promise what you cannot deliver, Organize your event at a central, clean, nice, easy-to-get-to venue, Clearly state what is included and/or not included in the ticket price, Provide directions to the venue, Provide the best customer service at the event, Avoid long speeches/talks, If food is included/offered, provide good quality food, Specify dress code and encourage attendees to dress nicely. Although this may vary depending on the intent of your event; generally speaking, paid events have a better chance of being successful than free events.
Can you guarantee how many people will come to my event? Can you guarantee my event will be a success?
We cannot offer any guarantees on how successful your event will be or how many people will attend it.  We promote your events.  We are not the organizers. We do not control any of the factors of your event – How interesting is your event, How well you have analyzed your target audience, What you are offering at your event, How interesting, clean, safe is your venue, How well you can manage your event, etc. For some suggestions, see – How can I make my event a success?
In what language can I post my event?
We will be adding multiple languages to the web site in the near future.  But the web site is capable of handling text in many languages.  Feel free to post your event in your native or another language.
How do I cancel an event?
In Promote Event menu, go to Edit/View Events.  Select Edit link next to the event you want to cancel.  Your event detail will be displayed.  At the bottom of the page, there is a link for cancelling the event. The event will still appear in your account, but will not be visible to users.
Why do we ask for all event details to be posted on our site?
We want to provide a consistent experience to our Subscribers.  The purpose of our web site is to bring information on various events, in a well defined and easy to understand format, to one place, which is our web site.  If your event information is incomplete, vague, inconsistent or hard to read, it is not useful for our Subscribers.
Why don't you allow HTML in your forms?
We only allow plain text to be entered in our forms.  We want to provide a consistent experience to all our users.  If all event postings looked different with various colors and images, it will become more time consuming for Subscribers to browse the ads.  Users are more likely to skip ads, if they do not see the right information in the format they expect to see.  We also filter out HTML and certain words due to security and formatting reasons.
How long will you promote my event for?
If you have selected a paid event promotion level, and have paid for it, we will promote your event for 60 days from the date you made your payment or until the end date of the event, whichever occurs sooner. After that the event will stay on our system, and will be searchable by users, but we will not actively promote it.
What is the refund policy on Events Promotion payments?
We are unable to offer refunds on any events promotion payments i.e no refunds on payments you have made for any events promotion services. It is similar to, if you place an ad in a newspaper, then decide to get a refund, you will not be able to. Why? The newspaper provided you with a service as soon as your ad is published i.e. the service was consumed by you as soon as the ad came out. As soon as you pay for an events promotion service on our site, the service is immediately offered and thereby consumed by you; hence no refunds can be offered.
Can users search for the events we post for free?
Yes, users can search for your events, even when you have posted events for free i.e. when you have asked us not to promote your events to a highly targeted audience. See the pricing page to find out about the different levels of events promotion we offer.
Can you post our events for us?
Yes, we can post events for you. As this is a cost to us, there is a small charge for posting events. Please see the pricing page for more information.
What is a business profile and why is it needed?
A Business Profile allows you to provide some information about your business which is providing the services. As an example, a business profile of an event organizer provides information about who is organizing the event. A business profile also allows you to provide some defaults such as Currency and Time Zone. You only need to create your business profile once.
How long does it take to post an event?
If you have all the information about your event (which you probably do as you are the event organizer), it takes less than 3 minutes to post an event.
Can I post recurring events?
Yes, you can post recurring events as separate, individual events.
Can I post an event in more than one event category?
So that our attendees are not spammed with the same event in multiple event categories (Event Types), each event can only be tagged with one event category. Although we discourage it, you may post the event again in a second category. It is important to note; when posting your event and selecting an event category, think of the ‘main purpose’ of your event and select an event category accordingly.
How many events can I post on your site?
You can post as many events as you like. The events must be posted manually; meaning, each event must be posted by a real person. We do not allow uploading or posting of events in bulk. We reserve the right to limit the number of events you can post in a given period. Other terms and conditions apply.
Why should an event organizer use your site to promote events?
Unlike most sites which claim to ‘promote’ your events by simply posting on your social media pages (which you probably do anyway), we send your event to people who have asked to be informed of your events; meaning we email your event to people who tell us exactly what kind of events they like to attend and where. We do not spam users. We do not bombard users with events simply hoping they may like them. Potential attendees ask us for specific events in specific areas, and that is exactly the information we send to them – thereby increasing the chances of your event being noticed.
Can I post an event in a country other than my home country?
Yes, you can post events in any country listed in our countries list.
How much do you charge to promote my event?
Posting of events is free. Free listings are not promoted. If you would like us to promote your event to a highly targeted audience, we charge a small one-time fee, depending on the promotion level. See Pricing page for more information.
How can I post my event on your site?
Start by creating a Login here (if you do not have one already).  Then create your Events Organizer/Business Profile here.  You can then click on Promote Events to post / promote one or more events.
I cannot find the right category to post my event
Select an Event Type that describes the MAIN FOCUS/PURPOSE of the event you are organizing.  If you cannot find anything matching, contact us and tell us about the event.  We may be able to recommend one or add a new Event Type.  Important: If you select an incorrect Event Type, your event information may be sent to the wrong audience.
How do you promote my events?
We send your events to a highly targeted audience – people who have said yes – they want to attend such events.  This increases the likelihood that they will actually attend your event. In addition people also search for events on our site.
How to best post events?
Simple. Provide all the information, without the gimmicks. Include full address of the venue, along with directions. Clearly specify the total cost and what is included in the cost. List any specifics like dress code, entry restrictions, target audience, etc.
Can I post an event without having decided on the venue?
No, you cannot post an event without knowing the venue where you are going to host the event, as the system will not know where or to which audience it should show your event.
Can I create a new event by copying details of another event?
Yes, you can create a new event from one of your existing events posted on our site. Go to Promote Events and then select Edit/View Events. Select the copy icon next to the event you want to copy; it will copy all the event details into a new event. You can then make the necessary changes and save the new event.

Event Attendees

What types of events can I find on your web site?
There are more 75,000 events in over 80 categories posted on our web site.  You can find all sorts of events including Business Events, Social Events, Sports Events, etc.  Examples of specific event types:-  Charity Events, Comedy Shows, Education - Training, Films - Movies, Historical Events, Industry Events, Business Networking, Exhibitions, Singles Events, Nature Events, Spiritual Events, Outdoor Events, Adventure Events, Career Events, and many more.
Why am I not receiving any events in the email?
There can be several reasons:- - There are no events scheduled in your location of preference. - In Events Preferences profile - check that you have selected some Event Types. You should select more than one. - In your Events Preferences profile - check your Mail Preferences, ensure you are able to receive emails. - In your Events Preferences profile - Event location preference must contain ONE City name. Make sure City name is correct and complete. You must also enter ONE, COMPLETE Postal / Zip code. Also, try increasing the Radius to include a larger area. - When registering for events, you gave an incorrect email address. Create a new account with the correct email address.
If I have created my Events Preferences profile, how will I be notified about upcoming events?
You will receive an email, generally about once or twice a week, listing events which match your event-types and location(s), and possibly other criteria.
How do I find events?
You can search for events on our web site; click on Find Events.  You can also receive events details via email.  Just tell us the types of events and the location you are interested in; when matching events are posted on our web site, we will send you the events via email.  Create a login here first (if you do not have one already).  Then tell us your Events Preferences here.
How can I register for or pay for events?
Just click on the register button on the event page, and follow the steps.
Why should an event attendee use your site?
We are a no nonsense, simple to use site, which is free of gimmicks. We have one of largest variety of events. It is easy to search for events. More importantly, we are probably the only site which is ‘attendee centric’, which means we are on your side; event organizers come to us because our attendees trust us.
How can I contact an event organizer?
Organizer information is shown on the event page, if provided by the organizer.
How can I complain about an event organizer?
Contact us with the Event ID, which is shown at the bottom of event page.
What shall I expect in free events?
Generally speaking free events will offer less organizer support. But this can vary depending on the size and motivation of the organizer. Free but sponsored events or events organized by large companies are likely to offer more value for your time.