A Workshop with Choreographer Padmini Chettur

A Workshop with Choreographer Padmini Chettur in Williamstown on Monday, November 6, 2023
A Workshop with Choreographer Padmini Chettur in Williamstown on Monday, November 6, 2023
Monday, November 6, 2023, 1630 - 1730
On Time A Workshop with Choreographer Padmini Chettur

One of the commonly used temporal structures in the Indian classical form Bharatanatyam is a system of subdividing time, and thereby speeding up a phrase. The principle can be adapted for contemporary dance practice, in ways that ask for us to observe time's relationship to movement quality, as well as providing us with strategies to create dynamic within and across groups of performers. In this workshop, we'll begin by creating a simple repetitive action/ phrase. This can range from a single gesture, a line of text,or a small movement phrase. We'll then look at ways to juxtapose these threads, make relationships between temporal structures in order to slowly enlarge the possibilities of having multiple conversations simultaneously. The activity will bring us to think about the differences between timing together or not, the possibilities of creating a large composite image out of multiplicities.

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For more information, email Amy Holzapfel (ash2@williams.edu).

Gaudino Creative Residencies support short-term campus visits by artists, makers, or practitioners of any field who intend to share their knowledge, skills, and creative expertise directly with students through modes of experiential, practice-based, or hands-on learning. Such pedagogy aligns with the larger mission of the Gaudino Fund, which, inspired by the legacy of Prof. Robert L. Gaudino, aims to foster curricular initiatives that emphasize the deep connections between lived experience and intellectual endeavor.

Website: https://go.evvnt.com/2018194-2?pid=2874

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Dance

Artist: Padmini Chettur
Starting Price Per Person
Other Information
'62 Center for Theatre and Dance
1000 Main Street
Williamstown Massachusetts 01267
United States
( Theatre - Cinema Hall )

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Randal Fippinger
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