Alternative Fats And Oils Summit

Alternative Fats And Oils Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Alternative Fats And Oils Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 -- Thursday, April 25, 2024, 0900 - 1700
Welcome To The Alternative Fats and Oils Summit

Across the three-days, case studies will explore how emulsion, microbial, cultivated, and novel techniques can be harnessed to engineer animal-free fats and oils that not only mimic but outperform their unsustainable counterparts in taste, texture, cost, melting point, and nutritional value.

With key decision-makers including Chief Executive Officer's and Chief Technology Officer's in attendance, this summit will promise a gathering of influential minds in the industry to generate insights into the latest advancements in alternative fats and oils from the likes of Nourish Ingredients, Optimized Foods, and Mission Barns to comprehend how they are transforming the field.

This inaugural event will bring together 60+ alternative fat developers, with plant-based and alternative protein food tech innovators, ingredient providers, CPG companies, and investors. Meet your industry under one roof this spring to overcome shared challenges, partner for success, and create a better future for alternative fats and oils.

Create a roadmap for your alternative fat strategy by weighing the potential of different alternative fats in various end products, including meat analogues, dairy, and seafood.


Conference + 2 Workshops - Industry Pricing: USD 3597.00,
Conference + 1 Workshops - Industry Pricing: USD 3098.00,
Conference Only - Industry Pricing: USD 2599.00,
Conference + 2 Workshops - Service and Solution Provider Pricing: USD 4497.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Service and Solution Provider Pricing: USD 3898.00,
Conference Only - Service and Solution Provider Pricing: USD 3299.00,
Conference + 2 Workshops - Academic Pricing: USD 2997.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Academic Pricing: USD 2598.00,
Conference Only - Academic Pricing: USD 2199.00

Speakers: Eitan Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Mission Barns, Fabio Valoppi, Chief Technology Officer, Perfat Technologies, Jim Astwood, Chief Technology Officer, Terviva, Kathleen Alexander, Chief Technology Officer, Savor, Kyria Boundy-Mills Curator, Phaff Yeast Culture Collection, University of California Davis, Marika Ziesack, Chief Technology Officer, Circe Bioscience, Mihir Pershad, Chief Executive Officer, Umami Bioworks, Minami Ogawa Director, Cultivated Foods, Optimized Foods, Priera Panescu, Lead Scientist and Plant- Based Specialist, The Good Food Institute, Roman Lauš, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mewery, Shara Ticku, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, C16 Biosciences Inc., Steven Matzke, Senior Manager, Open Innovation, CP Kelco, Steven Winegar, Technical Lead, McWin Capital Partners, Surinder Singh, Chief Scientist, Nourish Ingredients, Tal Offer, Vice President, Research and Development, Meatafora, Yaqi Grover, Partner, Lever VC

Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine
Starting Price Per Person
$ 2199.00 USD
Other Information
The Clift Royal Sonesta San Francisco
495 Geary Street
San Francisco California 94102
United States
( Hotel - Resort )

Event Organizer Contact
Shelby O'Brien

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