Chris Jarrett -"Tales of our Times" -solo Piano

Chris Jarrett -"Tales of our Times" -solo Piano in Chicago on Sunday, April 21, 2024
Chris Jarrett -"Tales of our Times" -solo Piano in Chicago on Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024, 1900 - 2200
Chris Jarrett

Chris Jarrett comes from a family of musicians born in Pennsylvania. Residing in Germany, he has toured Europe, North Africa, Australia and the Far East with his piano compositions and improvisations, with organ music as well as in various ensembles. Jarrett has worked with countless fine musicians in musical realms between jazz, improvisation, world music and classical structures. Although he has written an opera and an oratorium, ballets, film scores, orchestral and chamber music, music for the stage and a host of art-songs for baritone and piano, the main thrust of his appearances through the years has been as a soloist and improviser on the piano or the pipe-organ.

Chris Jarrett's music is expressive, vital and impulsive, full of breaks and surprises and rarely fits into the usual categories of the music industry. For Chris Jarrett, Frank Zappa is an equally valuable model as are the masters of the Baroque or the Renaissance.

This will be his first time in Chicago.

Chris Jarrett will also take advantage of the opportunity to perform an improvisation on the organ at the Church of the Holy Family.

"When pressing the keys with such energy, such pianistic fury, but also with such brilliance and subtlety of attack, while virtually incorporating the bulky instrument ... [he awakens] associations to the mythical Centaur - half human, half piano ... full of fantasy, original, bursting with energy and technically perfect."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Music
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$ 35.00 USD
Other Information
Church of the Holy Family
1080 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago Illinois 60608
United States
( Religious - Church - Temple )

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Chris Stewart
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Event ID: 231073

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