SIDESHOW GELATO and MARZ BREWING presents INTERNATIONAL SWORD SWALLOWERS DAY! in Chicago on Saturday, February 24, 2024
SIDESHOW GELATO and MARZ BREWING presents INTERNATIONAL SWORD SWALLOWERS DAY! in Chicago on Saturday, February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24, 2024 -- Sunday, February 25, 2024, 1200 - 1155
The last Saturday of every February is International Sword Swallowers Day. This year SIDESHOW GELATO and MARZ present a celebration of this amazing art with our first ever INTERNATIONAL SWORD SWALLOWER'S DAY event!
Practiced by the ancient fakirs of India in 2000 BC when Shaman priests and other religious people used it, along with fire-walking on hot coals and snake handling, to demonstrate invulnerability, power, and connection with their gods.
This amazing and very real art is practiced today to shock, amaze and entertain.
It is thought that there are less than 150 people in the WORLD that perform sword swallowing today and less than 50 female sword swallowers.

On February 24th we are pleased to present SIX amazing performers who will not only swallow swords but perform other fantastic sideshow acts.
THE ENIGMA - (From ?) Fonding memver of the Jim Rose Sideshow. The human cunundrum covered in blue puzzle pieces who's act is internationally lauded as one of the greatest ever. Performing an entire show at 8pm ONLY.
SALLY MARVEL - (from Chicago) Internationally known sword swallower, burlesque and sideshow performer who has thrilled audiences with her amazing curved swords and incredible physical performances.
DAN LUCKETT - (From Cincinatti) Circus Dan has been performing for audiences all over the US, thrilling them with his comedy, juggling, fire eating ans astounding magic! Last year might have been his last as Dan almost met a fatal and shocking end when a drunk spectator asked to pull out his sword during his routine tried to thrust it back down his throat! He was faster than death that time! Come and see Danger Dan as he performs on our stage!

HELLEN FURY - (from Ft. Worth) In a rare Midwest appearance, Hellen is Central Texas' ONLY female sword swallower! She is "whisky in a teacup personified" taking on dangerous and deadly stunts with fire eating, escapology and sword swallowing!

CRYPTID KID - (from Chicago) Cryptid Kid has taken the sideshow and burlesque scene by storm presenting a deadly and shocking show that pushes sword swallowing to the brink. Crazy amazing fire eating that is beutiful and suspensful that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

CASSIDY ROSE - (from Milwaukee) Cassidy Rose is the youngest but no less talented of all the performers! Don't let her cuteness fool you! Cassidy cut her teeth, at a young age, on the midway. Grinding shows and thrilling audiences around the USA with the last touring sideshows. Cassidy's humor, accentuates the danger that she puts herself in night after night! We are pleased to have Cassidy as our entertainment director and second at SIDESHOW GELATO!
Cassidy will be presenting a sword swallowing act that is original to her and has NEVER been done by anyone else!

Shows run all day at:
1pm, 3pm and 6pm
A special ENIGMA show will be at 8pm
An ADULTS ONLY show will be at 10pm.
General admission per show:
Regular cast shows: $15 Adults, $10 Kids 12 and Under
Enigma show: $20 Adults, $15 Kids 12 and Under
Adult show: $15 Adults Only
Family Discount: For families purchasing 4 to 8 tickets: $10 per person per show

Special Day Pass: $60
VIP Pass: $150 - All day pass, t-shirt, swag bag, $20 Gift Card that can be used at the counter for gelato, food and beverages.


Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre

General Admission: USD 15.00,
Kids Ticket (12 and under): USD 10.00,
Day Pass: USD 60.00,
VIP: USD 150.00

Artists: The Enigma, Sally Marvel, "Circus' Dan Luckett, Hell'n Fury, Cassidy Rose, Cryptid Kid
Starting Price Per Person
$ 10.00 USD
Other Information
Sideshow Gelato
4819 North Western Avenue
Chicago Illinois 60625
United States
( Retail Space - Shop - Mall )

Event Organizer Contact
Jay Bliznick
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Event ID: 229841

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