'Vibe Checks' with The Sacred Web Tarot

'Vibe Checks' with The Sacred Web Tarot in Cincinnati on Thursday, December 21, 2023
'Vibe Checks' with The Sacred Web Tarot in Cincinnati on Thursday, December 21, 2023
Thursday, December 21, 2023, 1800 - 1900
Over-the-Rhine cocktail bar and late-night eatery, Lost and Found hosts a pop-up with The Sacred Web, a holistic tarot deck and guide book created by Ohio-natives Jannie Bui Brown and James Brown IV. Through one-on-one "vibe checks" - 2-minute single card readings - The Sacred Web Tarot creators will give guests a chance to set intentions around the culmination of 2023, to focus their energy for the upcoming new year and to think about how tarot might be a supportive self care practice.

These short, but impactful readings can focus on an individual's energy and give guests an idea on what thought processes, behaviors, and reflections can help guide them through the upcoming season.

The Sacred Web Tarot is an inclusively holistic experience written and illustrated by Dayton, Ohio residents and mother-and-son team, Jannie Bui Brown and James Brown IV.

During his recovery from a traumatic brain injury, James took solace in and found healing through art. Inspired by the natural world and the non-judgmental creatures who roam the Earth and fly through the skies, James began sketching images that would eventually come to life in the form of tarot cards. He shared these images with his mother who, in collaboration with James, created The Sacred Web Tarot Deck and Guidebook.

Inspired to reapproach the narrative around traditional tarot, the mother and son created The Sacred Web as a multi-spiritual, transformative tool for self-reflection and insight that subverts the tarot canon to combat the gender binary and deepen reader's spiritual experiences.

The Sacred Web Tarot Deck and Guidebook decidedly strays from traditional, gendered imagery, card names, and interpretations. The deck of 78 digitally illustrated cards also includes a 79th bonus card: "The Sacred Cosmic Self," a genderless being floating in space which aligns with The Sacred Web's mission to inspire self-discovery by reframing challenging life experiences as opportunities to evolve and grow. In The Sacred Web, everything is connected and everything is sacred.

To create a space where all are welcome and to deepen the spiritual experience, the guidebook utilizes the gender-neutral pronouns of "they" and "them" and associates the cards in the deck with the energy of gemstones and crystals, numerology and astrology guidance, yoga poses, chakras, mudras, as well as the sacred sound of mantra. The mantras expand the deck beyond tarot and can be worked with on their own as affirmations and inspiration for personal growth.

Category: Community | Religion and Spirituality | Meditation and Yoga
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Lost and Found OTR
22 East 14th Street
Cincinnati Ohio 45202
United States
( Bar - Nightclub - Pub )

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Micah Paldino
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